Saturday, 22 December 2012

Picture This Challenge 179 - Christmas

 With My Most Sincere Wishes To You

 Christmas II

Christmas USA


  1. These are wonderful and I especially like the one on the bottom, looking in to the festivities inside.

  2. Hi Marcel !! Wishing you a very enjoyable Christmas. Three wonderful shots for the theme. While the first photo is a familar scene in many shopping malls, I really do like both the second and third shots, they have a particularly Mediterranean feel to them. Where were they taken?

    1. Thank you, Mitchy
      First photo was taken in a shopping mall, Washington DC USA.
      Last two were in Mexico.

  3. Merry Chrstmas to you too. Looking like Christmas is all around you. Nice!

  4. Very colourful and festive .... love the last one ....
    A very happy Christmas to you too ....

  5. and a Merry Christmas to you too.

  6. I used to live grew up very close to Washington DC (they have some very large malls there) I like the almost vintage feel of the photo

    A beautiful tree in the second shot!

    I love the vibrant colors of Mexico and this turquoise is fabulous :)

  7. Christmas greeting from all over the world. Excellent photos, and really somethig different.

  8. Merry Christmas to you, too! Looking at the first photo, I can hear the jingle bells ringing all the way... very nice! Love the red patches of the Christmas stars in between the seems they are inviting people to step into the upper level (restaurant, maybe). Nice composition in the third... love those two different hues of blue and the patchwork-like pavement is really beautiful...

  9. Wonderful shots. Santa is making ready to fly off, I see.

    Beautiful Christmas tree.

    Sunny Christmas!

  10. wonderful wonderful colors it makes me happy to view them

    have a very merry christmas