Saturday, 4 October 2014

Picture This #271 ~ Looking Like A Postcard

Hi all Thanks to Belita for a great theme this week. Like you Belita travel has always been a major element of my life, if I sent post cards these would be some of the places I would sent them from.

Four special places to me, where I have shot often, but images for this week I have not posted before.

Thanks again to Mitch for selecting my image for the Header this week ;)

Have a great weekend ;)

P8095615 copy

California1 (4) copy

P4050835 copy

_A050032 copy


  1. hi baz your first pic is simply stunning and as you can surely foresee it's my fav. bye

  2. THanks Nico good to see you ;)

  3. Hi Baz!! Awesome shots for Belita's theme!! Fabulous shot of Corfe Castle!! I wish mine had come out anywhere near that good!! Wonderful sea-mist at Big Sur. Third shot is one of those unique ones that convey both cold and warmth at the same time!! Stunning sunset (sunrise?) in the last shot.

    1. Thanks Mitch. The temp at Paradise was around minus 10 C! Its sunset on the Blue Ridge. Even though the Big Sur images were shot on a 7Mp Sony Cybershot they are still some of my favourite images ;)

  4. I just love the first postcard, has a sort of British flavour to it. and congratulations on the banner photo.

  5. Hi Baz! Four wonderful cards that have reached this 'mailbox'. If possible, I would like to receive, not one, not two but all of them...

  6. Spectacular one and all but that first one is the BEST!!!

  7. Wow, that first picture is just magnificent!! They are all great. Congrats on a wonderful autumn banner.

  8. Beautiful and pastoral

    Utterly lovely shimmering blue sky and irridescent deepblue mountains and turqouise waters and the framing latticework of the tree.

    Beautiful brilliant diamondwhite sun in the irridescent paleblue sky and river of gold in the cobolt sea and brass reflection in the sand.

    Stunning shot. fabulous pastels of the sky and brilliant point of light of the sun and shimmering mauves of the mountains.