Saturday, 11 October 2014

Picture This #272 ~ Small Or Tiny

A mushroom and a feather
Feather and Mushroom

The last hollyhock
The biggest hollyhock

I don't know the name of these yellow daisies, but they begin to grow in spring, are very high, spread, and flower at the end of September/beginning October
Michaelmas daisy


  1. Three great shots of tiny subjects... very clever composition in the first the droplet on the feather beside the tiny mushroom....

  2. Pat, these are great shots! I agree with Belita, I love the tiny drop of water in the first. The hollyhock is wonderful but my favorite is the yellow daisy, the yellow color with the lavender background is beautiful.

  3. Hi Pat!! A nice selection of shots for this week's theme. The first shot is rather fun in that various scenarios can be made up to describe it. Personally, I think the feather is trying to cheer up the mushroom by tickling it. Lovely detail in the hollyhock flower. I, too, am unsure about the name of the 'yellow daisy'. At first glance I thought it might be Gazania, but the patterns around the central area are not correct for that variety.

  4. Three really beautiful captures Pat I like them all ;)

  5. I love that first shot of the feather and mushroom!

    Your hollyhock is very pretty. Beautiful light!

    Sweet little daisies! We have one in Georgia that grows at one of my favorite hiking spots (Arabia- Davidson Mtn) that's called a Confederate daisy. Your daisy reminds me of home.

  6. Love the hollyhock, sad but mine are just about done for the season. I have the dark purple ones and some pink ones. The daisies are awesome. When ever I get flowers, I generally go for them. They last much longer in a vase. Love the yellow color too. Very tiny mushroom. He he you were getting down to get that one.