Thursday, 9 October 2014

Picture This #271 ~ Looking Like A Postcard

Looking like a postcard. 

Here is the Washington Legislative building in Tacoma.

With all the moon nights in the last few days. Figured this one would make a good postcard. He he.

One from the Olympics in Washington.

Tacoma streets.


  1. Three great photos for postcards. I particularly like the first of the legislative bulding and the last of the Tacoma street

  2. Hi Randall!! Good to see you taking part, it's been a while. Great shots for Belita's theme!! Great shot of the legislative building, really got a good (vertical) wide-angle. My fave is the second shot. Love the moon and the antenna (is it a radio-telescope? or something to do with telecommunications?). Wonderful verdant shot in the Olympics. I'm guessing the final shot was taken early morning, before everyone was out on the roads?

  3. Fabulous perspective and colors in the first picture. I could indeed be a postcard. I love the moon with the satellite dishes, striking. The lazy little trickling stream is beautiful and reminds me of time I spent in the rainforest near Olympia. Also love the Tacoma freeways with the railway cars and buildings.

  4. Hi Randall! No need to read the name of who has posted these four fabulous shots... I knew you were the author of them.... From the first to the last, four gorgeous postcards, any of which would please the most demanding receiver.... Thanks so very much for taking part in this week's challenge. I really appreciate it...

  5. Great shots, Randall! I love the stream with the mossy rocks!

  6. Sorry for not being around as much on PT. Life has been taking a bit more of me lately. I will hopefully be a bit more noticed in the coming themes. Thank you for all the comments, and to you for theme Belita.

  7. Impressive building

    Beautiful blue hour

    Mysterious and magical

    Cool perspective