Saturday, 18 October 2014

Picture This #273 ~ All Things Maritime

This is really not me. I think I used all my available photos about the sea the last time we had this theme. We have no sea or coastline in Switzerland and the few photos I have taken of boats on the river are nothing special.

However I go to London now and again and took this photo of the River Thames by Rainham. Perhaps I posted it before, but I hardly have any things to do with the sea.
River Thames at Rainham, London

This is one of those old ships on the right, The Golden Hind, in London - a replica
Cutty Sark, Southbank Thames, London

And if you have enough money to have your own little boat, this is where you can moor them on the River Aar just down the path from our village.
Where have the boats gone


  1. Hi, Pat!! Kinda tough getting to post today, at least it was for me. Nice picture of the Golden Hind, a romantic name for a boat. Good contrast with modern London. Interesting gate keeping people (presumably) from rowing away with a boat not theirs.

  2. Three wonderful captures. I especially love the ship.

  3. Hi Pat !! I did think, when I saw the theme, that you might struggle to find something. Glad to see you did. I also suspected that you would have at least one of ships on the Thames. Good one to start with. Lovely full-size replica of the Golden Hind.....a popular tourist spot, going by the crowds. Good shot of the private moorings....they seem to be similar wherever in the world you are...... locked to keep us common folk out.

  4. Lovely captures Pat, Marci and I stood in that exact spot and shot the Golden Hind earlier in the Summer!

  5. Nice shots, as always, Pat! I don't remember seeing the picture of the barges on the Thames, before.

    I like the shot of the replica ship and all the people milling about. Always so many tourists!

    Nice to have a private pier nearby! Have you ever kept a boat?

  6. I think the shots work just fine for this theme.