Saturday, 18 October 2014

Picture This #273 ~ All Things Maritime

Wonderful banner by Baz!! Blogger is being sticky today, not sure why. So without further ado:

Big Red
Big Red lighthouse in Holland, Michigan

Channel marker with dolphin, Venice Inlet, Florida. As the tides shift the bottom sands, the harbormaster climbs the ladder to post new information on the board. The pelicans are indifferent.

Sitting on the dock
Dock at low tide.


  1. Three very interesting photos. Love the red lighthouse and the ducks and bird in flight.

  2. Quite wonderful structure

    Beautiful and serene

    Cool fellas

  3. Hi Benni !! Great shots for Anders' theme. Lovely shot of the red lighthouse. I think more lighthouses should be painted different colours, most are usually boring white. Wonderful capture of the dolphin leaping in the second shot (I'm still looking for the 'ducks and bird in flight!! LOL). Love the shot of the pelicans having a snooze on the pier.

  4. Three wonderful captures as always Benni, I really like them all ;)

  5. Wonderful selection of shots for Anders's theme... love that red lighthouse, very different from the ones in Portugal. Nice shot of the pelicans... they look very relaxed...

  6. Thank you, everyone! I appreciate your time and comments.

  7. These are all beautiful shots, Benni! I love lighthouses, So, I think that is my favorite. But the next two are wonderful captures! I wonder if you crop more of the sky and water out of the second? Or would it distort the image? Love, love, love the pelicans!

  8. Very cool light house, and the birds seem to be quite happy sitting there waiting on the next feeding. Ha ha