Saturday, 11 October 2014

Picture This #272 ~ Small Or Tiny

Hi all a wonderful theme this week, really open to interpretation. Congrats to Debby on a wonderful image for the theme.

I have used the term "small" in relative terms for most of my shots this week.


Young Deer with Mother
_7109848 copy

Marci with miniature Pony

Mother and Child in Motion!!
Z0092393 copy

"Lucy in the Sky" Dragonfly
The Dragon Fly copy


  1. Hi Baz, wonderful pictures. Wonderful mystical beauty with the dragonfly. Marci is lovely as always, cute colt, my favorite is up top. The fawn with her mother is very beautiful, nicely done.

  2. Lovely photos of the mini animals, especially the donkey.

  3. Hi Baz! Beautiful photos of all those little animals... Let me make a special reference to Marcy's eyes... filled with happiness and brightness... Very nice!

  4. Hi Baz!! A wonderful selection of shots for this week's theme. That's a beautiful shot of the fawn calling out for mamma. Lovely shot of Marci with the miniature pony. Is it me, or do they have similar hair-colour? LOL. Great shot of the mother/child ponies in motion. Awesome shot of the dragonfly.

  5. Sweet little one.

    Awfully cute little horsey

    "Mum, mum, slow down. I cant keep up!"

    "And here we have Lucy the Amazing Dragonfly doing her intrepid deathdefying Bent-twig-clambering trick. We request the utmost silence."

  6. Beautiful shots, Baz! They are all amazing! I love the mama and baby deer.

  7. Very nice shots. Love the little pony and Marci, and well, they are all very good. Great take for the theme Baz!