Friday, 17 October 2014

Picture This #273 ~ All Things Maritime/Shipshape/Bristol Fashion

Beautiful banner by Baz.

Welcome to this week of Picture This. I'm Anders,  your host this time and my chosen theme is All Things Maritime Or Shipshape And Bristol-fashion. I've always had a great interest in this subject. Especially sailing ships and boats, but also the warships of World War II. The story of the chase and sinking of the German battleship Bismark is my favourite anecdote of this era. The Whitbread Around the World Race – now the Volvo Ocean Race – I followed it every year when they showed it on Swedish TV. I have several books about the 19th century shipping. The BBC tv-series The Onedin Line was a favourite of mine when it came to Sweden in the late 70s. The second part of the theme came of that in the Port of Bristol the tide had an unusually high ”tidal range”, that is the ebb and flood came and went during a very long span which resulted in that ships ran aground and tipped over which resulted in the shift of the cargo and equipment if it was not properly tied down and stowed away, the result could be chaotic and the cargo spoiled.

This is an old compass from the late 19th century
 photo DSCN0507_zpsafa68953.jpg

These are so-called Drawbuckets which were used when the deck needed to be cleaned from the salt of the seawater.
 photo DSC_0047_zpsccdbc5f4.jpg

This is an electro-magnetic log which were used to measure the speed of a vessel.
 photo DSCN0514_zps89866cbb.jpg


  1. This will be fun Anders. Now to dive in (Pardon the pun) and see what I can come up with.

  2. Hi Anders!! Many thanks for hosting this week's challenge. Great theme. Wonderful shot of the old compass, I've never seen a 'pegboard' style one before. Good shot of the 'drawbuckets'. I have an almost identical shot of a 'log', as appears in your last shot!! Great minds think alike!! LOL.

  3. Hi Anders a cool theme for the week and nice examples to get us started. Thanks to Mitch for selecting my image for the header this week ;)

  4. Hi Anders! Fascinating theme and history. Your pictures are an interesting glimpse into yesteryear. I especially like the one on the bottom, nicely done.

  5. Great shots, Anders. I love the old compass. Thank you for sharing those interesting bits of maritime history with us.