Saturday, 18 October 2014

Picture This #273 ~ All Things Maritime

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities.....ships, boats, lighthouses, lobster-pots....anything connected to the sea!! 

Once again I'm trying, wherever possible, to use shots I've not used on any previous themes.

1) Small Fishing boat off the Dorset coast. 
Gone Fishin'

2) View of Tenby from small ferry-service between Tenby and Caldey Island, Wales.
Tenby From Boat

3) Old sailing ship visiting Cardiff Bay
Bay View 1

4) Lobster pots waiting for their next trip out.
Lobster Pots2


  1. The Little Fishingboat That Could...

    Marvellous view of the city.

    Beautiful vessel - I do love this kind of ship.

    Wonderful - hope they bring a good net worth.

  2. Hi Mitch that was a wonderful day on the Dorset coast, exceptional weather for the time of year. Two wonderful seascapes and a great shot of the fishing pots thanks for selecting my image for the harder Mate ;)

  3. Lovely shots, Mitch, especially the one of the fishing boat off the Dorset coast. I like the lobster pots too, nice patterns within a pattern.

  4. Lovely photos Mitch. I especially like the lobster pots.

  5. Excellent selection of photos for Anders's theme. I paricularly like #2.

  6. Nice shots, Mitch. That first boat looks so tiny!
    Beautiful shot of the shoreline. SO rocky!
    The shot of the sailing boat is interesting. That building back behind the brick building made me think of Noah's Ark. What is that dome like silver thingy? Is it just a canopy of some sort?
    Great shot of the lobster pots, too!

    1. Thanks Debby :-)) The shot of the sailing ship is at Cardiff Bay. Cardiff is the administrative city of Wales (I hesitate to use the word 'capital', as Wales is not an independent country, rather it's a part of the UK). Behind the ship are four of the most famous buildings in Cardiff Bay. on the far-right is the 'Senedd' (the Welsh Government Assembly building). The brick building next to it is Bute Hall. The shining bronzed building behind it is the Wales Millenium Centre, and the silver dome is the semi-permanent residence of the 'No Fit State' circus.

  7. Another nice collection MItch. I would love to put the lobster traps to good use.