Friday, 24 October 2014

Picture This #274 ~ Fruit And/Or Vegetable

Grützi us dr Schwiitz - which means hello everyone from Switzerland, written in Swiss dialect.
Let's be fruity or veggy according to the shots you have.

Here is a mixture I found in the fridge - still life according to me
Fruit and veg
A selection from the local supermarket
Vegetable in the supermarket
The things you find in an English market - taken on my last visit to London. These seem to be yams
Yams at Dagenham Heathway
And asparagus peelings. If I was a good inventive cook I could have made a soup with them, but I threw them away


  1. Very good choice of theme for this week's challenge, Pat! Your selection is excellent.Love the composition in the first.... very natural... you have a nice supermarket in your neighbourhood... That yam is a little bit different from the yam I see on sale in Portugal. Perhaps ours is another species, probably coming from the Azores, where it's very common. As to the asparagus peelings I'm not sure I would have done the same as you... I try and enjoy being creative in the kitchen...

  2. A cool theme Pat and four great shots to get us started I really love the first one.

  3. Hi Pat!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme!! Interesting still-life in the first shot. What is that round white thing at the top? Looks like a cheese. The apple has seen better days. LOL. Wonderful colourful supermarket selection in the second shot. Unusual variety of yam for sale in the third shot, not one I'm familiar with. Interesting to see the sign saying 'no return or refund on yams'. I wonder why? It's an unusual sign to see on fresh produce. The last shot is not a-peeling. LOL.

    1. The round white thing is half a peeled celariac. we tend to cook celariac instead of the celery stalks more well-known in GB. London has quite an international population and the vegetable stalls cater for all tastes. The yams are probably something of african or indian origine. I am not an expert and have never cooked or eaten a yam.

  4. Yes cooking it till all is used. Soup would have been good, but looks like you did fine anyway. Lovely shots and cool theme. I have to pick the garden today, if the rain allows. Still sporting a cold and don't want to make it last longer than need be. Will pick if I can stay dry. Great theme!

  5. hi pat very nice theme, love your pics and my fav is the second one so full of life and it's great whan you show still life, don't you?

  6. Hi, Pat, wonderful theme for this, the harvest time of year. Love your still life, and the peeled celeriac. The second picture is so colorful and almost fragrant. Nice pictures, everyone, thanks for being host this week.

  7. Delightful collection of colours and shapes

  8. hmmmm, I love veggies! Nice still life in the first shot!
    That's a pretty nice selection at the market.
    I'd love to try those yams. Have you ever bought that variety?
    I've never seen asparagus peelings before. I didn't know you had to peel them!
    Nice shots, Pat and a great theme!