Saturday, 25 October 2014

Picture This #274 ~ Fruit And/Or Vegetable

Well today was on of the last few harvest days for me. Still have walnuts and grapes to harvest, and that will be tomorrow. The pictures here are from what I was able to squirrel away for the next few months. Not too bad for cool morning.

I am thinking salad with dinner tonight. Yums.

A few of the different squash Butternut, and Kuri squash.

Nice pile of sunchokes. All this from two plants. Still have more to harvest but will leave it until after the first frost.

A few melons to end the year with.
And a view of the green room where all went to storage. I think I will be making a few friends by passing a few of these out. I know they won't all get eaten here. Ha ha..


  1. What a garden you must have! Wonderful little tomatoes, bet they are sweet. Love your squash and very much like the sunchokes on the deep purple. The melons also look wonderful on the cloth, fabulous colors. Would enjoy having a green room like that and such curious gray pumpkins.

  2. Those are Jarradles. We landed on them back in Alaska. We have been hooked ever since. They last really well over the winter month, and you can cook them like sweet potatoes. Infact we have used them instead of sweet potatoes in sweet potato pies. THey start out green but turn that color of gray when they are ready to pull.

  3. I did break down and pick grapes today as well as two more piles of walnuts. I made it a great harvest day for sure.

  4. That is a great selection, you must have a very fruitful garden. And now what is a sun choke. do you cook them, or just eat them. Fruit or veg? I have never seen them before.

  5. A wonderful harvest mate I really am impressed ;)

  6. Hi Randall !! Fabulous shots for this week's theme. This is all stuff you grew? Awesome!! Nice crop of tomatoes, I can see some plum-tomatoes in there, my favourite type. Love the various colours and patterns of the squash. The things you call 'sunchokes'....they look like Jerusalem that what they are? Wonderful selection of melons.

    1. There have many tomatoes come out of the garden this year. Now I am down to just a few cherry tomatoes to pick from. The weather has gotten cooler and the tomatoes didn't like that too much.

  7. A beautiful plethora of shapes and colours

  8. Sun chokes is just another name for them Jerusalem artichokes. This is the first year that I have tried them. Interesting root crop. Will be roasting some today on the grill.

  9. ciao randall, congrats for the banner, well deserved honour. todfay's picsof your vegetables are impressive indeed

  10. Hi Randall! Excellent variety of shots for Pat's them all!

  11. Fantastic shots, Randall! 'Wishing I were your neighbor! Maybe some of that green thumb would rub off on me. What an amazing gardener you must be!

  12. I do well, but my better half really makes things happen.