Saturday, 4 October 2014

Picture This #271 ~ Looking Like A Postcard

Solothurn, Switzerland in Winter
River Aar, Solothurn

The local Sphynx cat - not a statue

A garden study, the blackbird and the owl
The blackbird and the owl


  1. I would like to receive any of the very nice three but the top one would make my day... the white roofs, the serene river and the naked branches in the foreground create a beautiful image of your town in winter. Thanks for your participation, Pat!

  2. Hi Pat!! Lovely photos for this week's theme. Wonderful shot of Solothurn is winter, the tree-branches make an excellent 'frame'. Great shot of the Sphinx cat...he seems to be becoming a regular feature in your neighbourhood. I love the juxaposition of the blackbird and owl-statue in the last shot.

  3. Nice shots, Pat. The first one of Solothurn in the winter is perfect! I love this, with the nearly bare branches dangling down in front.

    The cat is amazing! It scares me a bit. I always think that someone must have shaved the poor things hair off!

    I love the blackbird and the owl. Very whimsical!

  4. Hi Pat, I just love that top shot of Solothurn in winter. It's great how the branches hang down and wonderful to see the mountains in the distance. Very interesting cat there in your garden. And a nice look on the owl's face as he watches the blackbird.

  5. hi pat cool pics my fav is the third one. ciao ciao

  6. Lovely shots for the theme Pat ;)

  7. Wonderful shot.

    "Whatchoo lookin' at?"

    "Me and Owl - we be mates."