Saturday, 6 August 2016

Picture This #364 ~ Traffic Signs

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. An interesting theme, with some good possibilities. We have had this theme once before, so I tried to find ones I didn't use previously. 

1) Very old sign, from the days when road signs could be put up by private motoring organisations, in this case the AA (Automobile Association) as well as local councils or the highway authorities. 
Miles To Go

2) Another old-fashioned road sign. These are called 'mile-markers' and were used in the early days of road travel, some date back to coaching days, before the motor car came along.

3) Sign for a very steep hill in a local village. I've driven up this lane myself, believe is very steep and narrow. You pray not to meet cars coming in the opposite direction!!!
Eastern Lane Warning

4) This sign is more for 'foot-traffic' as it indicates the famous Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. I've walked sections of it myself, but never the full length!!
Long Walk


  1. I love all your signs especially the ones in Welch

  2. Very informative and wonderful sign

    Good to know how far one has to go yet

    Unsuitable for prams?

    Very interesting!

  3. You just have to love those old AA signs, nostalgia pure. Carmarthen will always be found, thanks to the road sign. And the welsh even have a word for caravans, for all cases. So I had a look to see who Wynford Vaugh Thomas was - interesting last sign.