Saturday, 27 August 2016

Picture This #367 ~ On The Road Again

Good morning and good day to everyone! Hope you are all well.

1935 Dodge
1935 Dodge Coupe.

Armadillo heading for the road.

Waiting on a bus
Young woman waiting for a bus.


  1. Good photo of the Dodge, I would have taken that photo as well. Never seen an armadillo wild, only in the zoo . fascinating. I hope her bus soon arrived and it did not get too uncomfortable.

  2. Hi Benni !! Fabulous shots for Pat's theme. Wonderful old classic car, looks to be in excellent condition. I'm presuming it's a restoration project, not many survive from that era intact. Love the Armadillo shot. Such funny little critters. I'd love to have one. Not a very comfortable way to wait for a bus. Do they not have bus-shelters wherever that shot was taken?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Mitch. No, many places in the US are not so much into mass transit, unfortunately. There are few benches, let alone shelters. Buses run as infrequently as every hour in some places. :(

  3. Hello There. Love the photo of the Dodge. Armadillo don't exist here and now I'm curious to know more about these creatures. Did the bus ever arrive for the woman?

  4. That sure is some car!!

    "Je suis une armadillo!"

    "God! Where has the bus gotten to?"

  5. hi benni
    wow what a car my mother in law's father had one of these
    the little guy runing cute and bus stop ldy nice

  6. Hi Benni! That's a beauty, indeed! I have never seen an armadillo and have already googled to learn something about this creature... Even if that woman is not showing her face, I see impatience...perhaps she had been there for a long time...