Saturday, 20 August 2016

Picture This #366 ~ Summer Fun

Thanks for hosting Heidi and a lovely banner photo from Belita

My days of summer fun have long gone, and my summers are now spent at home. I no longer feel the need for beaches and I never was a good swimmer. My photos of beaches are not digital. I should scan them into the computer.

I do not get out so much lately, and most of my new photos are in and around the home. We mainly eat outside on the porch. We are sheltered from the rain with a roof above and it is very comfortable. Being next to the kitchen door there is no problem in transporting the food.  On the rare occasions when the weather is not so warm, we stay inside. I also have an electric plug outside for the computer, although for my Apple I do not really need it.


We also have a front garden, which is cooler. Here I also have a small table and on hot days it is very pleasant to sit here with the computer and write or I might take a few photos. I took this photo today and yes, it was raining.
Front Garden

Not wanting to bore you with only in front of the house, and at the back of the house, a year ago I was in the Mosel Valley in Germany, for my son's wedding. Yes he is not already married a year and they are now buying their own house. This is a view from where I was staying, at the house/hotel belonging to my daughter-in-law's parents. Everyone grows grapes, wine is the only industry and they also have quite a few vineyards. It has been in the family for a few generations.
A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

And here is my shadow taking a photo of the grapevines as they were growing. This was in July, so the grapes are not yet big enough to harvest. Everything is on a slope and the ideal worker is the one with one leg half the length of the other, otherwise you are permanently standing on a slope.
A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany


  1. Hi Pat! Your pictures are lovely and, truth be told, I do not get out too much either. Your patio is beautiful and I love your pictures of it. The third picture is a stunner. Lush, green, with the grapevines and the pretty white house. Very nice, good work. I hope you got some wine out of it.

  2. Hi Pat love all your summer fun pictures

  3. Very good set of photos for the theme. Although you don't get out too much, from the photos I see how you can enjoy the time spent in your environment. The bottom photo is my favourite as I like to see your shadow...

  4. Wonderful shot of the porch

    Just the place for a coffe and cakes.

    Wondrous scenery

    Great persp of the rows of winebushes.

  5. Hi Pat !! Nice shots for this week's theme. I'm sorry you are unable to get out and about quite as much as you used to, but that doesn't stop you tasking great photos. And I really looking forward to seeing the results with your new macro lens. I like both your 'home outdoor' shots. The first one I want to reach in and take a ripe banana. Both shots of the vineyards are good, i particularly like the final one. It all looks so verdant in the sunlight, plus the bonus of your shadow getting in on the act!!