Saturday, 20 August 2016


Thanks, Mitch, for choosing one of my photos to be this week's banner image!

Ice-cream is still a Summer icon ... (Estoril - Portugal)

A wine festival is always an event that gives fun to the people who take part in it... (Setubal city - Portugal)SUMMER FUN

In Summer, many people have fun whenever they are on a beach (Cascais - Portugal) summer fun


  1. Hi Belita!! Wonderful summer shots for Heidi's theme. The pretty girl in the first shot looks like she will definitely enjoy that ice-cream. I love the street-decorations for the wine-festival. The beach is always a fun place to be in the summer!!

  2. Good day, Belita! What a beautiful child in the top picture. That is an intriguing picture from the wine festival. Those appear to be grapes adorning the buildings in Setubal. I love the bottom picture as well. People,a castle and boats. My kind of place. I see the children may be playing some sort of game. The girls are lined up and the boys on the other side.

  3. What a wonderful collection of photos The first photo is really great, a perfect portrait. Very original decorations on the wine festival and a good beach scene which seem for me so many years ago.

  4. dear belita first your banner is so so so wonderful just love it
    love the little girl and ice wow love the wine festival shot is great and the kids playing having wonderful summer fun

  5. Yummy for my tummy

    Wonderful arrangement

    Great shot of the waterfront