Friday, 26 August 2016

Picture This #367 ~ On The Road Again

Reporting from Switzerland it is Pat. I had to do some quick thinking. Although I do not get around as much as I used to, I can still manage the garden and shooting photos from a car is also interesting. It was a choice of  blinding you all with macro photos, but not everyone has a macro lens, so I decided on some road photos. I have begun to photograph people more than cars, so I hope I am not bothering anyone.

I saw this small groups of cyclists who had a meeting just as we were approaching our village. Getting around on a bike is quite common in Switzerland, if you can ride one. I cannot.


This young lady was cycling past a field of maize.
Feldbrunnen to Langendorf and back 26.08 (5)

And some more cyclists in the village.
Langendorf 24.08 (10)

Of course the traffic has to be organised.
Langendorf 24.08 (7)


  1. Good theme,Pat! You share with us a very nice set of photos. I, like you, can't ride a bike, a fact that makes me always like photos of bikers. Yours are good ones, particularly the second from the top, showing a mother and a baby, while the signs in the bottom shot prove how Switzerland is an organised country.

  2. Morning Pat,
    what a wonderful theme love your banner fits the theme
    all your pics are great love the grape vines and all ths cool bike people
    stay cool this weekend we had 36C yesterday

  3. Hi Pat. Nice theme and banner shot. Especially like the photo of the young woman going past the field of maize. I haven't ridden a bike in years; I probably still could. Sadly, over here, few people ride and there are few bike paths on the roads.

  4. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great theme, just as well it's not easy to post vids on Blogger.....several songs came to mind when I saw your theme title!! Very good shots of all the cyclists!! Considering how many cyclists go past the house where I live, it's surprising tht I've never photographed any of them!! I particularly like the one of the woman with her child in the cycle-trailer. Interesting final shot. Can you explain the meaning of the square-shaped sign in the middle, just below the mirror?

  5. I loved this theme and great set of photos.

  6. In a small country such as Switzerland biking is surely to prefer to cars.


    Great shot

    You may not go forward or turn right or you may be allowed to but just as long as you give way.