Saturday, 13 August 2016

Picture This #365 ~ Art

Hello everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be your host this week. Apologies for the late posting, I've been having connection problems. When you say the word 'ART' to many people they immediately think of old paintings hung on the walls of museums or art-galleries, but there is so much more to the word. There are so many things that are covered by 'art'....there's sculpture, pottery, painting, music, photography, installations........all sorts of things!! Let's see your shots of different types of art.

Here are mine:

1) 'Wind Of Change'. A large metallic sculpture in Poole, Dorset, England (I'm not sure if that is the correct name for it or if it's one I gave it, I took the shot back in 2011).
Wind Of Change 1

2) Stained Glass is an art-form hundreds of years old. This one is of St.Samson at the St. David's church, Caldey Island, Wales.
Stained Glass St Samson

3) Floral Frog. A great example of 'flower-art', taken at the conservatory of the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas.
Flowering Frog

4) Hand-made clay 'face'. Made by one of the students at the Stackpole Mencap Gardens project for young adults with mental health issues.
Funny Face 1


  1. Peculiar indeed.

    Beautiful workmanship.


    "Here's lookin' at you."

  2. Hi Mitch, wonderful theme and wonderful milemarker banner. Your photo of the sculpture stands out starkly against the sky, beautifully dramatic. Love the stained glass at St. David's; it makes me in awe of the people who worked to create the colors in glass hundreds of years ago. The green mum frog is cute, I'm trying to see if those are rocks or dark flowers that make up the spots. The face is unique and very expressive.

  3. Very much like the first sculpture. they seem to be putting sculptures all over England in the last years. The stained glass window is very imprssive and the floral frog vey original. Like the last one very much, could perhaps put something like that in my garden.

  4. thanks for a great theme
    love your banner
    your shots wow
    the last one is so cool and the one at the Bellagio wonderful

  5. Hi Mitch! Good to see four different artistic expressions... all are nice in their own way. From the metallic sculpture to the clay face, I like all of them.