Saturday, 6 August 2016

Picture this #364 ~ Traffic Signs

First of all thank you for having my orchid as a banner picture. I was very surprised to see it there today.
Thankyou Anders for hosting this weeks picture this.

My first photo is a Winter scene on the road to the village of Langendorf in Switzerland: one of our Swiss Road crossing signs.

Journey to Langendorf

Our local train has its own signals, much to the disappointment of the car drivers. The train is the law and if the red triangle is showing, you have to wait until the train passes before it turns green again.
Trainsignals ont he Baselstrasse

Our village is cut off from local world for the summer due to road repair work.
Building in Feldbrunnen 18.06 (18)

And we have signs everywhere to tell you where you are allowed to walk.
Building in Feldbrunnen 18.06 (6)


  1. We call him Mr Walkman :)

    That's clever!

    End of the road, I see.

    By foot and by bike :)

  2. Hi Pat lovely orchid :)
    your signs are all super

  3. Hi Pat !!! Great selection of signs for this week's theme. I think I see an error on the firstb sign...the person crossing the road isn't wearing snow-shoes!! The second sign is interesting. Does it replace the kind of train crossing we have in the UK, with barriers that descend across the road? Your third shot also generates a that the only road in and out of the village? What provision is made for the local's transport? The final sign reminds me of the Aerosmith song "Walk This Way".

    1. We Swiss don't need snow shoes, a good profile on the sole of the boot is enough and I never go where there is ice in any case. We also have barriers for our train crossing. I cannot leave the village without going over the barrier and we usually check the train times to make sure we will not have to wait. There are many roads in and out of the village and it is difficult at the moment to say how it works, because they seem to change the planning every day. We are lucky living on the West side of the village as we are near to the direct connection to town. Those on the East side have to take the scenic route over the hill, or go entirely in the wrong direction. The whole odyssy should be finished by end September, we hope.