Saturday, 20 August 2016

Picture This #366 ~ Summer Fun

Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. Yes, I think we should do a summer theme before it disappears for another year. I think it may have already gone here, it's raining, strong winds and dark clouds. More like autumn!!

Here are mine: 

1) Stopping for coffee and cake while out walking on a summer's day.
Coffee & Cake

2) Taking funny photos in the summer sunshine.
Reflections On A Summer Day

3) Strolling through fields of buttercups while walking in the countryside.
Buttercup Pasture 1

4) Having ice-cream on the beach.
Rum & Raisin

Getting wet on the water-flume ride!!
Sinking Feeling


  1. Hi Mitch love all your shots the first makes me hungry mmmm good
    the summer fields are so lovely love the sunglass pic
    the icecream is cool lol
    the cool ride is neat

  2. Hi Mitch! What a variety of moments of fun in the season...I wouldn't mind at all enjoying all those moments, the bottom one, excluded. I like risking but not that kind of risk...

  3. Hi Mitch!! Great things to do in the summer. I love the first picture - those cakes look delicious! Very clever picture of you reflected in the sunglasses lens. Buttercups, ice cream, and a water slide. What's not to like?

  4. Like your photos Mitch, really a bit of everything. the coffe and cake looks inviting and the photo of the reflection in the sunglasses is very original. Buttercups are weeds for me, but the fields of buttercups are a good memory of the GB for me.An appetitisng ice cream and a cool ride.

  5. Jummy cakes!!

    The eye of the beholdee is being beheld by the eye of the camera being held by the beholder.

    Beautiful paleblue cottonclouded sky neath which the buttercupped field and dartmouthgreentreed landscape spreads out.

    Cool and tasty, Im sure.

    Enter dry, exit wet.