Saturday, 27 August 2016

Picture This #367 ~ On The Road Again

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week at rather short notice!! A great theme, and of course I immediately knew which roads I wanted to use. All my shots were taken on a trip to the South-West US in 2012. I really wish I was on these roads again!!!

1) Road through Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah,  near Pondarosa Point. The canyon is off to the right of this shot. Elevation approx 8700 feet. 
Road Through Bryce

2) Heat-haze rising from a desert road in the Mojave Desert on the Nevada/California border. 
Desert Road Heat-Haze

3) Road high in the Spring Mountains, Nevada, on the way to Mount Charleston.
Road To Mount Charleston 2

4) This road takes the 'direct' route through Red Canyon, Utah.
Roadarch - Red Canyon 2


  1. Hi, Mitch! Wonderful roads. Love the white cliff in Utah and I always love seeing the heat on your shot of the Mojave. A bit of contrast in Nevada with the snowcaps. And a great arch going through Red Canyon. Wonder how it got its name? Gorgeous blue skies too.

  2. First of all, thanks for showing my photo as banner. I never really thought this such a good photo with my shadow which was not supposed to be there :-).
    You have some imposing road scenery on your contribution, the pespectives are breathtaking.
    My road sign: the thick black curve shows the main road which has the right of way for the traffic, and the thin lines (on one of which we were waiting) are the side roads that have to wait until they can move. This is naturally for the evening traffic or otherwise when the traffic lights are not working.

  3. Long winding roads with scenic views. Love the pine trees in the first shot. Is that a house nestled between the trees? The second shot is a long monotonous road. Love the snow capped mountains in the third shot and the very last shot is the best.

  4. Beautiful and majestic mountain vista

    Onwards and forwards towards those distant peaks.

    Utterly fabulous snowcapped prussianblue mountains

    To the Other Side.

  5. Hi almost forgot you :(
    love that road great job
    must have been a great trip love all your pics from that trip

  6. Hi Mitch! The four shots are so beautiful that all are my favourites. However, there is one that is more favourite than the others...the top shot!