Sunday, 28 August 2016

Picture This #367 ~ On The Road Again

The Name Plate Maker
 photo 4a6e5668-8f22-47b9-92a3-bbaefbb9746c_zpsje6paynh.jpg

An ear wax cleaner guy cleaning out an auto rickshaw ears out while another guy changes the flat tire.
 photo 98658548-8779-4b39-8825-cb0196433d7c_zpsuvbavlkz.jpg

A girl waiting for someone near a mall.
 photo 67065f23-21fd-4c36-a566-6ad8f7037d26_zpsf6epi2hh.jpg

A Balloon Seller.
 photo d1be3d48-0696-4bb1-b4f8-759ef5e188e7_zps0uezpimi.jpg

A local roadside market near my home selling things like vegetables, utensils, clothing/plastic items, grains and spices.
 photo 7f438a19-718f-4865-accb-a50d36801c7c_zpsr3urkgwt.jpg


  1. You certainly have interesting roadside scenes in your country, and some different occupations.

  2. Great shot!


    "Ciao, bambino!"

    Glorious colours!

    A plethora of wondrous colours and surely of scents.

  3. ahhh all so wonderful my friend
    love thge last one wow wish we had that here
    the lay on the scooter wonderful

  4. Hi Nik !! Great to see you taking part again this week. Your 'road' shots are so interesting and different. Good shot of the name=plate-maker's concentration on this work. The second shot features what is (to me, at least) one of the most unusual street-occupations!! Ear-wax cleaner!! Cool shot of the girl on her scooter, her red leggings are really vivid. Lovely shot of the balloon-seller. My favourite is the final shot. I love to see street-markets, particularly those that sell spices, grains, vegetables etc.

  5. Wow, Nik, your pictures are great. The colors and composition are wonderful and the subjects very interesting. Your last picture is my favorite; so many colors, and a fascinating scene.

  6. I always love to see something different from what I normally set my eyes on...