Saturday, 13 August 2016

Picture This #365 ~ Art

Thanks for hosting Mitch and for the great banner - yes the good old days of the AA road signs.

Looking though my photos I do not seem to have many new and original art photos, so I will have to perhaps look at it from another angle.

I was at my son's wedding last year in the Mosel area of Germany. Whilst there my son took me on a visit to the small town of Traben Trarbach on the Mosel. I took this photo whilst there. I believe it was some sort of memorial inmemory of one of the professors that lived in the town, as it was outside the local school.
A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

I found this grave on the central cemetery in Vienna quite interesting with its many birds sculpture.

I took this in New York way back in 1993, I think on 5th Avenue. I am sure it is not longer there, not a great art work, but New York.
New York 1993

And I am now sneaking this one in as it is not often that I succeed in taking a photo which could almost be called macro, although I do not yet have my macro lens, should arrive next week. It is a
An Echinacea flower complete with bee. One of my attempts at manual photography and I think I am getting somewhere. Yes, our photos are also works of art. We do not paint them, but everything has to be in the right place at the right time, and I think I did not do too badly with this one.
Echinacea with bee 10.08.2016


  1. Hi Pat! Sure wish I could "click up" that memorial picture, It looks so intriguing. You did a nice job with it. The Viennese grave is fascinating with its many birds. Lovely ivory-colored bas relief in NY. And yes, I agree, our photos are works of art, and that one of yours is masterful. Love the flowerhead, the light and the bee on top. You are getting very very good.

  2. wow Pat wonderful shots and yes our photos are works of art :)

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for this week's theme. A very nice memorial in the first shot, the professor was obviously held in high regard. That 'gravestone' in the Vienna cemetery is amazing!! I would love to know the story behind it, who it commemorates. The bas-relief is New York is very intricate and echoes the classical period. I don't recall seeing it when I was in New York, but then it's a big city with a LOT to see!!! Yes, photography is definitely an art-form in it's own right, and I believe any photographer worth his or her salt is trying to convey what they see in as art. This is especially true of nature photography. Your shot of the bee on the Echinacea is very good. I'm looking forward to seeing how you do when you get your dedicated macro lens.

  4. Love them all,Pat. Very good shot of the flower...