Saturday, 1 July 2017

Picture This #408 ~ Fruits Of The Garden

Thanks for hosting Heidi and a wonderful banner photo from Belita

I had to delve in my archives here as I no longer get out very much and this year is not such a garden year being surrounded by scaffolding and builders. However, I did have a little success last year and grew gourd seeds, although I only had one success and here it is hanging and waiting for harvest. However, it was not an eatable gourd, but a so-called decorative gourd.


These are known as Cornelian Cherries and we have two trees growing in the meadow opposite our garden. They are apparently edible, although I have never tried one and according to Wikipedia are quite tart in taste. They are a member of the dogwood family.
Cornelian Cherry Tree

And what the Belgian Painter René Margritte can do with his painting "The Son of Man", I can do with the neighbour's cat and one of my apples. I wanted to post a link to the painting here but Blogger is not so refined in its ways as other web hosters.
roschti and apple

And finally seen in Dagenham Heathway on a visit to my dad in 2014.
Fruit and Veg in Dagenham


  1. Hi Pat! Lovely gourd with the curling tendrils in front. Cute pic of the cat and apple. Wonderful farmers' market!

  2. Hi Pat!! Lovely shots for Heidi's theme. Your gourd is similar to mine, although I don't know if the one in my shot is edible or not. I'd like to try those Cornelian cherries. I rather like sour-cherry taste. I do like your personal take on Magritte!! Nice shot of the market. I like the look of the mangoes, particularly!!

  3. Hi Pat love all your shots
    love the gourd they are fun to grow
    the Sauere Kirchen are good but they need lots of sugar
    the cat and apple cool
    love vegie markets

  4. Utterly wonderful shots of the gourd, cherry-tomatoes, apple/cat and veg-composition.