Saturday, 15 July 2017

Picture This #410 ~ Reminders Of A Bygone Age

I am so in love with the horse in the banner picture. Did you photograph it in the American West, Mitch? Wonderful theme, I think some of my pictures are repeats but they fit.

Unidentified airplane
An old airplane, perhaps being rehabilitated.

Oldsmobile 1920's
1920's Oldsmobile.

Elsie the Cow, in Elsie, Michigan. Elsie was a dairy center in the late 1950's.

Three cousins, sons of three sisters.


  1. hi benni wow just wow that plane wow the brothers lol the cow lol and that car oh my you out did your self

  2. Hi Benni !! To answer your question, that horse sculpture is here in Pembrokeshire, Wales. it's on display at the Upton Castle gardens chapel. Cool shots for the theme. Cool old plane...was that the one you flew to Florida in? Great classic car. It's difficult to tell from the photo, but Elsie The Cow looks rather large!! And also looks rather like a Bull !!! LOL. Nice shot of the cousins.....Tom is the one on the right, yes?

    1. Thank you, and no, that is not the plane I flew in, even for me that's a bit small. I wondered about Elsie. She might be a he. And yes, that is Tom on the right.

  3. Wonderful old plane and a truly classic car.

    Great memorial ofd Elsie the Cow.

    Terrific shot of the three cousins.

  4. Love your photos. Of course Elsie is not as attractive as a Swiss Cow, but she certainly is a good size. Love the photo of the cousins, The Cartwrights are back it seems. Where's Pa? They don't make cars or planes like that any more - shame really.