Saturday, 8 July 2017

Picture This #409 ~ Strange

Wonderful banner picture by Pat and great theme too.

Odd sign
Why is the bench there? I find it a little strange.

Pitcher plant flower
Pitcher plant flowers in a Canadian fen. The leaves are fused in the shape of a pitcher and trap insects.

Strange pose for a pelican.


  1. Caution for becoming too enchanted by the lake and inclined to take a bath.

    Peculiar flower!

    Very Twin Peaks!

  2. Hi Benni !! Great shots for the theme. That first photo made me laugh!! I guess the bench is for very daring people to take a rest. Great second shot. I find all the varieties of carnivorous plants to be fascinating. I'm still trying to decide what the pelican is doing in your final shot. Either he fell asleep while watching an aircraft fly over, or it's a way to scratch an itch in an awkward place!!

  3. I find that a great idea. Hold the camera ready, you get an action photo of an alligator, perhaps the last one you might take. Interesting shot of the pitcher plant, never seen one before. Come on, you told the pelican to pose for an intersting photo and promised him he would make the first page of the Time magazine.

  4. Thank you, all! Yes, the first photo is quite humorous and Pat's comment made me laugh. "Perhaps the last shot you might take."