Saturday, 29 July 2017

Picture This #412 ~ Animals

First of all please excuse if I happen to repeat photos this week as we have had this theme in other ways often and I really cannot remember what I have already posted. Blogger is also not a very co-operative programme in helping to find out.

This is Fuzzy, a dog belonging to a friend of ours. He was found roaming the streets of Croatia some years ago, and so she adopted him. He has a problem with a paw, so he always has to wear his little red shoe to protect it.


This is mum and dad swan taking a swim on the our local River Aar. The cygnets were born this year.
Swans 14.07 (1)

We pass this groups when we drive to the supermarket. One of  the local gardening places has them at the entrance, something like Grimm's town musicians.
Road to Langendorf 21.07 (2)

I am not sure if birds count on this one, but here are two pigeons getting to know each other on the town wall of our local River.
Pigeons 14.07 (7)


  1. Sweet little dog

    Utterly wonderful capture of the swans and their little ones

    The classic four

    Love birds.

  2. Marvelous pictures!! Poor dear Fuzzy, he is lucky you adopted him and keep his paw protected. The swans and cygnets are wonderful swimming down the river. Your donkey and dog picture is a great takes on the theme, I like them. And I love the two pigeons, who could be love birds. I wonder if this is a mating ritual. Great pix!!

  3. Hi Pat!! Wonderful shots for the theme. Fuzzy is such a sweet-looking dog. Looks a little sad that he has to wear that shoe. Lovely capture of the swan family. The collection of animal sculptures is similar to a place near where my mom lives. They have quite a large collection. Sweet shot of the pigeons. Not sure if this is courtship or feeding!!