Saturday, 29 July 2017

Picture This #412 ~ Animals

Many thanks to Benni for hosting this week. A super theme, I'm hoping to see some great animal shots!! I have so many it was difficult trying to choose!!

1) This guy was Lion around in the sun!!
Lion Sleeping 1

2) Ring-Tailed Lemur.
Ring-Tailed Lemur 1

3) This Oryx has an impressive set of handle-bars!!
Oryx 4

4) This Cameroon Sheep made me had dozed off while eating lunch.
Cameroon Sheep 4


  1. The lion sleeps today.

    Eyes right!

    Indeed it has!

    "Here's looking you, Mitch!"

  2. Hi, Mitch, gorgeous animals! A wonderful take on the lion, lying in the sun, looking soft and cuddly, but I don't think I would lie down next to him. Wonderful detail on the lemur. Look at those horns on the oryx - my eyes keep being drawn to that picture. And amazing to see the sheep dozing while munching! Love it!

  3. Great photos, we only have room for a cat at home, I was wondering where you keep your lion, although he is no big problem. He seems to be sleeping most of the time - great action photo. Fascinating photos otherwise. I wish I could get out more and see some interesting animals like you have. A five start menu for the camera lens.

  4. Hi Mitch love all your shots the lion is my fav
    goats are a good theme hot lol