Friday, 7 July 2017

Picture This #409 ~ Strange

Pat here from her corner of the world in Switzerland. As always I am posting on Friday as I do not have the time on Saturday morning.

The theme for next week is "Strange" as I am sure we all have strange photos somewhere in our archives, perhaps those we have been longing to show somewhere, but just did not fit. Interpret the theme according to your choice.

When you live behind scaffolding in a builder's world you get all sorts of strange angles and photos.I happened to look up on the porch and saw there two builders looking down at me wondering probably what I was doing with a camera in my hand. Of course, the golden opportunity for a shot One of the builders was even playing with a flame throwing tool.

Renovation 06.07 (4)

Another two heads, but this time in the river.
River Aare 23.06 (6)

I saw this guy at the entrance to a company in the village. I am sure he wanted to say welcome.
Feldbrunnen 17.06 (4)

This was one of those mirrors they put on the road so that you can see if anything is approaching from a side turning, but they make interesting photos.
Baselstrasse 05.06 (4)


  1. Hi Pat love the theme and all your great shots and love your banner

  2. Cool


    Peculiar indeed!

    "Mirror, mirror by the road..."

  3. Hi Pat !!! many thanks for hosting this week. A great theme, lots of possibilities!! The angle of your first shot is very strange, I was tilting my head first one way then the other trying to figure it out. Very good!! Good way to cool off on a hot day, in your second shot. I really like that odd character in the third shot. he does look like he's welcoming you!! The final shot is fabulous!! I love the oddness of it. The mirror almost seems to be hanging in the air without support.

  4. Hi Pat! Fascinating angle on the two men. Love the two men in the river, calm summer picture. The little sculpture may be strange, but I like it. Interesting mirror, I wish we had them over here, but they would soon be broken.