Saturday, 22 July 2017

Picture This #411 ~ Four Colours

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week. Great theme, with lots of possibilities. I decided I'd show four different landscapes in four different colours.

1) BLUE: Worbarrow Bay, Dorset, England.
Worbarrow Bay 6

2) YELLOW: Buttercup pasture. Dinefwr, Wales.
Buttercup Pasture 1

3) GREEN: Woodland path. Avon Valley, Dorset, England.
Woodland Path 3

4) RED: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.
Bryce - Inspiration Point 15


  1. hi Mitch wonderful pics but one isn't showing love brice canyon especially

  2. Terrific shots beautiful seascape, amazing yellow field and majestic mountain vista.

  3. A good idea with the four different landscapes, unfortunately No. 3 is still hidden on my computer. However, so much contrast with the blue of the sea, the yellow of the buttercups and the browns of the canyon.

  4. Hi Mitch, three wonderful shots. I love the many shades of blue in the waters and sky of Worbarrow Bay. The buttercup pasture is a stark contrast to Bryce Canyon, both beautiful in their own way.

  5. I can see three shots, only! However, no matter the quantity but the quality is great, as always...