Saturday, 15 July 2017

Picture This #410 ~ Reminders Of A Bygone Age

Greetings everyone, this is Mitch. I'll be hosting this week. I've decided to go with a 'nostalgia' theme this week. I want you to post photos that are a 'reminder of a bygone age'. By that I  don't mean ancient history such as castles, I mean objects or scenes that are a reminder of the last century, preferably between 1920 and 1970, things that maybe remind us of our own early years. 

1) A reminder of the golden age of rail travel, when steam trains were king. 
Going Loco

2) In the days before mobile phones, if you were a member of the AA (Automobile Association), you could call for help from one of their dedicated phone boxes.
AA Box

3) In the 'good old days', fruit and veg was moved around in hand-carts such as this.

4) The iconic British post-box. This is an early version, probably from the 1940's.
Last Post


  1. morning Mitch wonderful banner love it
    great theme
    love your shots especially the red phone both

  2. Lovely old train.

    Dedicated to the one that needs assistance. ;)

    Wonderful old cart and mailbox.

  3. Great theme from a day when things had grace to them. Very nice lines in the train picture. What a fascinating shot of the Devil's Bridge phone box. The handcart is wonderful, with its colors matching the colors of the wall. And, of course, the postbox, functional and a thing of beauty.

  4. I remember the steam trains when I was a kid. They were still operating and we even would go on holiday being pulled by one. As you turned the corner on the railway the steam would blow back into the carriage window - those were the days. We never had a car in those days, but I do remember the old AA boxes. Love the hand cart and builders and gardeners still use them for short distances. I am speaking of experience at the moment. Oh yes the post box. We had one in the Bethnal Green Road with GR on it (George Rex, but not sure which George).