Saturday, 15 July 2017

Picture This #410 ~ Reminders Of A Bygone Age

Wonderful banner photo Mitch and thanks for hosting.

I am not sure this one has been standing on the path to the castle, but certainly not the latest model of a water hydrant.
Feldbrunnen village 10 (2)

The things you find in a garden of a restaurant and this is in our little village of Feldbrunnen. Perhaps someone wanted to call Dr. Who?
English Telephone box Pintli restaurant Feldbrunnen

I wonder how many fields this one ploughed, before it was sent into retirement.
Feldbrunnen 13.11 (7)

And even the Swiss joined in a little bit in the first world war. On the left my husbands's grandfather Fritz with his three brothers. They didn't have modern weapons. Mr. Swiss tells me they are sabres. Photo not taken by me, but a memory of the bygone age from a Swiss village, Niederwil about 5-10 minutes drive from where we live.
Fritz, Rudolf, Hans, Oscar Gerber 1


  1. Wonderful firehydrant

    This must be the original boot of Dr Who's

    Beautiful piece of farming equipment

    Wonderful capture of the four of them.

  2. hi Pat love your shots
    love your Dr. Who booth I have one but couldn't find it lol
    that old hydrant wow and Mr. Swiss ancestor cool

  3. Hi Pat! Love your fire hydrant, much nicer than the modern ones, as is the phone booth. Wow, what a plow, nice picture of it. Wonderful picture of the four brothers going to war. Sabres are much more elegant weapons than those we have nowadays. I hope they all returned to their homes and families.

  4. Hi Pat!! Great photos for this week's theme. I think that is the most ornate fire-hydrant I've ever seen!! Ahhh, those good old British phone boxes....they turn up all over the place!! I saw one at Lake Havasu, Arizona, last time I was in the US. I'm assuming the plough was horse-drawn. Looks heavy!! A wonderful piece of history in your final photo.