Saturday, 15 July 2017

PT CDX ~ Reminders Of A Bygone Age

Wonderful banner and theme by Mitch!!

This shot was taken at car-show on the grounds of Sofiero Castle.

The Bootworkers of Helsingborg. In the early 20th century The Rubberboot Company established
itself in the city and was the employer for most of the city's inhabitants.

The Fishermen And the Cod.


  1. Hi anders loved your old one but these are even better
    those cars loooovvvveeee them

  2. Hi Anders!! Thanks for updating your post. Great set of photos. I love that classic old car. Good memorial to the boot-workers. Was that the same place that you posted about the demolition of the chimney? Are th fishermen trying to land a giant cod.....or are they rowing furiously to escape it??? LOL. Another great statue.

    1. Thanks, Mitch and you're welcome. Indeed they worked at the Rubberboot Factory. Couild be either way.

  3. Wow, what a great car! I could spend hours looking at those cars. The statues are very evocative, especially the men pulling in the cod. (Or are they trying to escape, as Mitch wondered?) Either way, a couple of nice shots, with my favorite being the car show.

  4. Lovely cars, the veterans of the road. It's good to see memories of old craftmanship shown in the monuments and a bit of history included about the rubber boot manufacture. Good photo of the fishermen in their boat.