Saturday, 8 July 2017

Picture This #409 ~ Strange

Many thanks to Pat for hosting this week. A great theme, with lots of possibilities to see odd and strange things!! I have lots of photos of strange things, so it took me a while to choose which ones to use. 

1) I have no idea what this strange 'fruit' is. I saw it on a tree at Upton Castle Gardens, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
Dangler 2

2) I saw this strange contraption at the edge of a field in the countryside near where I live. I would love to know what it was used for!!
Seen Better days

3) This sculpture of a horse made entirely of driftwood looked rather strange to me at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it!!
Horse Sculpture 1

4) The underside of a fungus. Always kind of strange-looking!!
Fungus Underside 3


  1. Cool fruit

    Cute little wagon

    Terrific piece of art

    Beautiful shimmering tangeloorange underside

  2. Hi, Mitch. I don't know either what your strange red fruit is, but it is a lovely color. The structure on wheels could maybe be an antique caravan? The horse from driftwood is magnificent; did you see it in the American west? And wonderful macro of the mushroom's gills, they fascinate me too.

  3. I think your strange fruit is a Medlar. There are some trees growing in England. They are quite bitter but it seems you have to wait for them to get almost overripe to eat them and can make something like lemon curd with them - looked it up in Wikipedia. Otherwise the second photo is definitely, am sure, the new Dr. Who transport system. Very original horses head and I didn't know that you was into magic mushrooms.