Saturday, 22 July 2017

Picture This #411 ~ Four Colours

First of all thanks for feature my photo as the banner picture and thanks for hosting Anders.

Red: On one of my walks last week I managed to get to the second bridge from where I live. It was built about 10-20 years ago to enable the students to reach our new secondary school from the opposite bank of the River Aar.
River Aar 20.07 (15)

Blue: Night in Feldbrunnen, a view from the back garden with the scaffolding in front of the building.There might have been a moon, but even that has disappeared since we are surrounded by metal.

White: Sleeping swans on the River Aar.
Swans 13.07 (1)

Green: The maize is now growing high in our surrounding fields.
Maize 02.07 (2)


  1. Hi Pat, nice shots! My absolute favorite is the two swans sleeping, that is a great photograph! All are great for the theme.

  2. Impressive bridge

    Serene capture


    Lovely limegreen

  3. Hi Pat !! Great shots for Anders' theme. Good shot of the bridge, it does still look new even after twenty years. I bet you'll be glad when all that scaffolding has gone, even though it has given you lots of photo opportunities!! I love the shot of the sleeping swans. They look so peaceful. The last shot is a-maize-ing!! LOL.

  4. Hi Pat love your shots especially the swans and love your banner

  5. Hi Pat! You always share something special which I really love. It's the case with the sleeping swans... my favourite out of the four shots!