Saturday, 4 January 2014

Picture This #232 ~ Initial Letters Of Happy New Year

Hi all and a Happy New Year, Thanks to Belita for a great theme and congrats to Randall on a wonderful image for the header.
Here are my three images for HNY!!

H: Henge - Stonehenge at Dusk

N: Net - Fishing Nets on Poole Quay

Y: Yacht - Yacht at Sunset from Bournemouth Beach


  1. Hi Baz!! Three fabulous shots for Belita's theme!! I love the colourful tangle of fishing nets in the second shot, and the sky/sea colours in the third shot are wonderful, but I think Stonehenge At Dusk is my fave. It's just so atmospheric!!

    1. Thanks Mitch, I hope your feeling better?

  2. Hi, Baz! Stongehenge is wonderful, you have captured a broody shot of it which I love. The tangle of nets is great and of course the sailboat against an orange sky.

  3. Hi Baz! Amazing shot of that prehistoric monument... beautiful light and colours of those fishing nets...
    Stunning shot of the yatch at sunset... gorgeous sky...

  4. I have never been to Stonehenge, great photo.Nice colourful nets and Bournemouth at its best.

  5. The Henge truly is an impressive sight. Kind of a mess, eh? Utterly lovely yellow light on the sea from the shining sky.

  6. I love the dark, brooding photo of Stonehenge. I expect to see Druids dancing!!!

    Who knew fishing nets could be so pretty and colorful? So interesting,this photo!

    That last one is soooooo beautiful!

  7. Baz, great shots. Hopefully your weather is starting to calm down too. Great take on the Stonehenge
    Silhouette. The nets make a great shot too. The yacht at sunset is really nice.