Sunday, 19 January 2014

Picture This #234 ~ Sculptures Or Statues

Starting out with a statue from the Grotto in Portland Or.

The next from Idaho.
Reading man ID

The last from right here in downtown Moses Lake.


  1. Hi Randall!! Three great choices for this week's theme!! I'm guessing the statue in the first shot has some kind of religious significance. I really like the second sculpture, the artist has put in so much detail!! It's almost as if a real person has been turned into a statue. I also really like the slightly more abstract representation of the cyclist doing a 'trick' in the last shot.

    1. This beautiful 62-acre Catholic shrine and botanical garden is located in Portland, Oregon. “The Grotto” is the popular name of The National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. It is spread out and statues are all around the property. You have to take an elevator to the top of a cliff before you start down the many trails.

  2. Pax Vobiscum.

    Cogito Ergo Sum.


  3. Hi, Randall. Quite an interesting statue from the grotto. He almost looks carved from the trees behind him. The man reading the paper is nice with the vines behind him. And an interesting sculpture from Moses Lake where my dad was stationed during WW2. I've heard so much about that town.

  4. I bet it has changed a lot since then, and then again, maybe not.

  5. The statue from The Grotto must be of a saint? Have to agree with Mitch, the middle sculpture is very lifelike indeed! Amazing detail! The last one is full of whimsy...I am trying to figure out if she has a butterfly heart? lol

  6. These are sharp photos of statues. The subjects range from religious to whimsical. I love all three.

  7. Wonderful shots for the theme, Randal. I have to agree with Mitch, the detail in the second is absolutely amazing.

  8. Three fabulous choices, Randall! The sculpture of the reading man is my favourite. Perhaps the artist loves reading.... fantastic details...