Friday, 10 January 2014

Picture This #233 ~ Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Thanks to Pat for a creative theme and to Baz for a majestic banner shot of Stonehenge. That really is a stunner of a photograph.

Here are my entries:

A squirrel looking for the jars of peanut butter I put out. The snow is over his head so he is standing in a deer trail.

Milkweed with the sun coming through. (Sort of vegetable-y).

Glass flowers
Glass flowers, made of the mineral silica (I think).


  1. cute little fella.

    "We are the whispy spiders, whispy spiders, whispy spiders, we are the whispy spiders, just whisping, whisping around..."

    Amazing colours and shimmering glass.

  2. Wow... Benni... how you have played so beautifully with your new camera... Three beautiful shots. The squirrel is very cute... it seems he is lost in the middle of the white blanket.... Stunning shot of the milkweed... what a light! Very interesting glass flowers. Nice colours they have... My favourite? The Milkweed!!!

  3. Hi Benni !! Three wonderful photos for Pat's theme. Yes, you're making great strides with that new camera!! Love the shot of the squirrel trying to peer over the top of the snow!! The Milkweed shot is stunning, you've caught the sunlight in it really nicely. Lovely glass-flowers in the third shot, so many different colours!!

  4. Good idea to put out the peanut butter, was rewarded by a great capture. Lovely photo of the milkweed and love the glass flowers.

  5. That is one cute little fella Benni. The milkweed is brilliant, love the lighting. The flowers are terrific too.

  6. Fantastic shots, Benni! I love the squirrel in the snow and the milkweed, but the last one is my favorite. Such beautiful colors!