Saturday, 25 January 2014

Picture This #235 ~ Playing With Light

My daughter (step) always has such good ideas for a Christmas gift and this year she gave me a Villeroy Boch ceramic. The light effect is from the candle inside.
Villeroy Boch Carousel

A photo in the living room in the evening. I found the effect of the light playing with the tree interesting

I was stolpering through my photos and found this of my wisteria. I do not know what happened, but the photo was taken with my old Lumix so I could not alter very much. It must have been a trick of the light.


  1. Lovely little carosel

    Beautiful interaction between light and shadow

    Lovely luminescent leaves and faded magical light among the branches.

  2. Hi, Pat, marvelous pictures! I love the golden light from the ceramic with the candle inside. It's a beautiful piece all by itself, with the reindeer and camel. The shadows on the ceiling are very lovely; evening light does interesting things. My favorite is your wisteria! The colors and shapes go together very well and it has that extra "magic" effect, unexplainable and mystical.

  3. Hi Pat !! Three lovely shots for the theme. That's a beautiful ceramic in the first shot. Is it one of those that spin round from the heat generated by the candles? Good spot on the second shot, that is an interesting shadow effect from the plant. I don't know what you did with that last shot, either, but it makes a fantastic light-effect!!

    1. The first is one of those exclusive porcelain things. It does not revolve. I do not know what happened with the third, but I have a feeling I was taking a photo direct in the sunlight and that was the cause of the effect.

  4. Very pretty Villeroy Boch tea-light ornament.Your step daughter has a very refined taste. I remember the photo of the V&B cookies jar she presented you in 2012. The second shot is very nice and so is the third.My favourite, however, is the second....

  5. wonderful Pat love the ceramic ornament it is so lovely