Friday, 31 January 2014

Picture This #235 ~ Playing With Light

Well I love playing with light. I just don't do it enough. I have gotten a few remote switches that allow me to control the camera without touching it in those low light play grounds. I recommend it for anyone that does not already have one for their cameras. Being able to set the aperture and speed to allow for a whole different interpretation of shots. Capturing movement, getting light trails or just getting light cast with a flashlight. It is all fun.
highway noises

Here it is flat so I need to work on getting more interest in traffic lights. But after going out and shooting these types of photos, I realize the things I will be looking for. What design to find and when to go to capture it. Rush hour, road clearing or just when you can catch one car on the road. I have more work to do. LOL

Now setting up a shot with low light and making it work. Light is what photography is all about, right? Just right, not enough or too much, but then again using those can make for some fun shots, just because.

Light as far as fun can be used a lot of ways. Even breaking up the winter seasons when not much else comes to your eyes, and allows us to play with what we have on hand. Just having a shooting session and shooting nothing, or cool shots showing Items in a different light.

Not shooting the nights in Fairbanks, I do miss, but themes like this make me want to find more creative ways to use the camera and come up with wonderful shots from the dark side. He he Night time and playing with lights.


  1. Hi Randall!! Just made it in under the wire for this week .LOL. Three fabulous shots for the theme!! I love that first shot, traffic light-trails are always a cool capture. The candle is beautiful, that's a kind of shot I like to take. The third one is kinda different, I like how the light is coming from below.

  2. Yes it took me a little time this week to pull it together.

  3. Hi, Randall. Your shots make me happy I did this theme. The first one is intriguing. I like how the fenceposts show up in the golden streak of the headlights on the road. I see many possibilities for timing and capturing movement. The candle shot is stunning, not just for flame but for the blue glow behind it. Your last shot is fascinating; for some reason is evocative of the old West with shades of burnished gold and red.

    1. I do apologize for my late entries. I procrastinated with my entries, due to the fact I was going to do some light painting at night. But the time never presented itself to me as I had hoped. I will still have to play with lights, because you set the thought in my head Benni. It will just be for my fun, but I am sure you will see the results somewhere on a post. There are so many fun ways to use light, and having the longer nights for now make it the right time to do it. Thanks for all the comments too everyone. Looking forward to the next theme of trees and things from them.

  4. I seem to have a long way to go, three great shots.

  5. Amazing speeding lights
    Beautiful candle shot and glassware