Saturday, 4 January 2014

Picture This #232 - Initial Letters Of Happy New Year

Thanks for hosting Belita, so here we go in the new year

Let's begin with a plate of Ham
B√ľndner Rohschinken und Schinken
A closeup of a Nut (Walnut)
And a nice big Yellow Daisy
Flower in my garden


  1. Oh, Pat, that ham sure does look good. The walnut close-up is very interesting - almost looks like a brain. My favorite is your yellow daisies, especially with the violet background.

  2. That plate of ham makes me feel hungry... Good idea you had of taking a close-up of a walnut...but the last is my favourite... how beautiful those flowers are!

  3. Hi Pat !! Three great entries for Belita's theme!! That ham certainly looks good. I prefer the lighter-coloured ham around the edge of the plate. Great close-up of the walnut. My favourite is the third photo, of the beautiful yellow flowers :-))

    BTW........did you miss visiting my entry?

  4. darn now I am hungry Pat
    great shots

  5. Looks delish. wonderful shot of the nut. utterly lovely flower

  6. Love them all Pat tree very cool takes on the theme;)

  7. Yum! Ham!

    Nice close up of the walnut. Wish I had some. They are so expensive these days!

    The daisies are lovely. It really brightens up my screen, and my day! It's gloomy and gray here. Raining and 53 degrees after two days of snow. There's an Artic blast heading this way now, and we're going to have the coldest temps we've had since the 1990's!

  8. The walnut does look like a brain. Cool Micro shot. The flowers are DOF and very nice. The ham makes a interesting shot.