Saturday, 18 January 2014

Picture This #234 ~ Sculptures Or Statues

Love the banner photo by Marianne, good colour contrasts between the beans and the strawberries

I hope I have found something never before shown by me - sculptures are few and far between in my neck of the woods. If I lived in Altdorf you would get about 20 photos of William Tell statues.

I saw this little lady on a market stall in Solothurn
Impressions of September monthly market in Solothurn
Here is a lady in our local cemetary in Solothurn
Statue in solothurn cemetary

This is the Angel's Fountain in the town of Biel/Bienne in Switzerland
Engelsbrunnen, Biel


  1. oh Pat they are all wonderful especially the first one and the last

  2. Hi Pat !!! Three great shots for the theme. I really like the first statue. I'm sure I've seen it before (the figure, not your photo), I'm sure it has some significance in Hindu culture, I think (although I may be wrong). Lovely statue in the second shot, classical style. Wonderful fountain in the third shot, very ornate and colourful!! What is the angel holding? I can't quite make it out.

  3. Hi, Pat, I am enjoying your photos! The first certainly does have a Hindi look to it; you've done a nice job showing her off. Had I been at the market I would have snapped her up. My favorite is the woman at the cemetery. Her whole manner bespeaks mournful waiting. It looks as though the ivy is going to cover her up. The Angels' Fountain is lovely in a different way, colorful and lively. Three very nice shots.

  4. Three great choices. I like the detail in the top one, the feeling/emotion felt in the second one and the color and style of the last one.

  5. Beautiful indian dancer.

    Utterly lovely statue in all that green

    "Top of the World, Ma!"

  6. Beautiful images for the theme. The first shot is a beautiful statue of a dancer. It is definitely Southeast Asian. I love the angel fountain in the town.

  7. Three nice shots. You did capture very well the graceful Thai dancer, the second shot depicts the true and deep pain someone feels after the loss of a loved one. Beautiful colours in the third favourite!

  8. Hi Pat. I would have bought that statue at the market as well. She looks wonderful. Love all your captures, such an interesting fountain too. A huge statue at the cemetery, I always feel so strange taking pictures at a cemetery, like I am intruding.