Saturday, 11 January 2014

Picture This #233 ~ Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Starting off with a shot of an Elk. This one is working with the velvet on its Antlers. Note his decorations.

Then to the vegetables. Being out of season right now, the tomato comes to mind. Will be planting some starts really soon now. Hope to get a few patches this next growing season. Nothing like good heirloom tomatoes on a salad with some sprouts to top them off with.

Finally I end with Quartz. I have a lot of Quartz around the house, as well as fossils and other types of stones. Here are some that a friend gave me years ago that she had polished.

Very fun theme Pat. Love the shot of the apple as well as the chickens. Can't beat fresh eggs. My girls keep my egg cartons full all the time. Even to the point I have to give them away to make room for more.


  1. Impressive crown


    Terrific composition

  2. Randall what a great picture of the elk. I know they scratch and rub to get the velvet off their antlers; I love the "bird's nest" on his head. The tomatoes are so sweet and juicy and perfect with a glimmer of light in each orb. Beautiful polished rocks.

  3. Hi Randall !! Once again, three fabulous shots for the theme :-)) great shot of the Elk, love his 'bird's nest' LOL. The tomatoes just look so juicy, I could almost reach in and take a handful. Beautitfully polished pieces of Quartz.

  4. Love the elk with his headress, great capture.Tomatoes look great, love the intense colour. The quartz are very impressive, what a wonderful collection.

  5. Three great shots Randall and those tomatoes look delicious.

  6. Your photos, Randall, always please me very much but the photo of the Elk is fabulous...

  7. All three are fantastic shots. I love the elk with the grasses on his head...was he in a sparring match before you shot the pic?

    The tomatoes are so lovely I want to eat them all up!!!

    Pretty polished stones. I have a small bag of gem stones that a friend gave me who swears they have healing properties and such.

    1. We have a local gemstone shop here, why all the stones are arranged according to their properties. I must make a plan to go there and take some pictures for you Debby, if you are interested in that aspect of it.