Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Picture This #232 ~ Initial Letters Of Happy New Year by Rap

Starting off with the letter H. H for Hoar Frost. The year has ended with plenty of frost all around the area. All but gone now, but captured it while it was here. _RAP0676

Now for the letter N. I pick Numb. Cause that is what these polar plungers where feeling, or in this case not feeling when they started off the new year in the drink.

Now changing up for the letter Y. Adding a little color back into the picture with the Yellow submarine from 1968.
yellow sub


  1. Thank you also Mitch for picking my shot for the banner for the group this week. It even looks better on here than did it anywhere I showed it. I am wishing that this year turns out to be wonderful to you and all of the picture this members. I look forward to seeing what everyone see in the coming months.

  2. Belita this was theme that I really had to think about. I might come up with more later, but that will be too late. So today I had off from work and worked on this. LOL Still ended up with a smile on my face as I worked it too. Thank You.

    1. For your kindness I'm in debt to you, Randall! I have not congratulated you for the awesome shot for the banner.Sincere apologies. Three magnificent photos for the theme... I am always fascinated by beautiful landscapes and the first one makes my eyes never tiresome of looking at it... The second photo is a great capture of the polar plungers... looking at them, I feel like being deep frozen. How brave they are! The last is fantastic... The yellow flowers and the yellow submarine in the foreground with the mountain in the the background make it be a very interesting photo.

  3. Wish I could add the music, but that was the older days.

  4. You rock Belita, and thank you for the theme this week.

  5. Hi Randall!! Three fabulous shots for Belita's theme!! I love frost shots, so that first shot is really something special. I haven't seen frosts like that here for quite some time. I still think those people in the middle shot are crazy!!! LOL. my fave has to be the last shot. The mountain with just the flowers in the foreground would be a pretty good shot, but the addition of the Yellow Submarine makes it really stand out. What an odd thing to find in such a location!!! :-))

  6. Wow - beautiful winter landscape
    Brr - looks cold - definitely not my thing
    Majestic mountain background to the wonderful yellow sub.

  7. Three wonderful shots, so original and something completely different.

  8. Beautiful banner shot, Randall! it does look GREAT up there!

    The frost on the grass and trees is very pretty!

    Crazy people! I think I would have a heart attack if I tried that! nice shot!

    I'm a big Beatles fan so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that last shot!

  9. I am truly in awe of your hoar frost shot. We get it so rarely and you have taken advantage of it wonderfully. The swimmers look cold, I would need to be already pretty numbed up to do that. The look on the woman's face says it all, I think. I love the yellow submarine and the pretty dandelions in front which give me hope summer will come again.

  10. Great sky banner shot and awesome winter wonderland shot...Randall... Had a nice little chuckle with the yellow submarine. Brave is not the word I would choose for the "polar plungers" though. Have a great day! Aloha

  11. Wow Randall, stunning shots. :-)