Saturday, 25 January 2014

Picture This #235 ~ Playing With Light

Hi all, thanks to Benni for a fantastic theme this week, experimenting with light being one of my favorite occupations at the moment

Here are my three recent shots playing with light.

Sailboat  at Sunset

Silhouette at Sunset 

Light in the Forest


  1. Wow, Baz these are wonderful. Love each one.

  2. Hi Baz, I am loving your shots. Sailboat at sunset reminds me so much of Florida and the different textures of the sky and sea are marvelous. Likewise the plant silhouetted against the sparkles of the water. The light looks like glittery gold flecks. Your Light in the Forest picture is very Elven; I like it very much!

    1. Thanks Benni this theme was close t my heart and a lot of fun ;)

  3. Hi Baz!! I knew you'd love this theme, and that you'd have some stunning shots......I wasn't wrong!! LOL.

    The first shot is a beauty, the colour and light is great. I really love the second one. You've used a trick there that I've used a few times, I call it 'golden path', but you've made it even better with the addition of the silhouette. My fave, though, is the last shot. The sunlight streaming through the trees has an almost mystical quality to it. I can just imagine myself walking through that forest, hearing nothing but birdsong and the crunch of old leaves :-))

  4. Thanks Mitch these are all places we can go shoot when we catch up again ;)

  5. Your speciality Baz - love all three, you certainly have an eye for the light

  6. Beautiful radiant topaz of the sky and glittering waves.

    Love the burning liquid gold of the water and the black lattice work of the branches.

    Mysterious and magical.

  7. I do love your rays of light in the forest. So very nice!

  8. They are as precious as the golden light...