Friday, 10 January 2014

Picture This #233 ~ Animal, Vegetable (including fruit) and Mineral

Hello everyone, its Pat calling from the middle of Europe where the mountains have ice and are called Alps. I am a bit early this week, but Saturday mornings are filled with cleaning and week-end preparations.

When I was younger (some time in the dark ages) there was a TV programme called Animal, Vegetable or Mineral. Three wise university professors had an object and had to determine what it was. In our case, it is easier, we just show three photos showing animal, veg/fruit or mineral. How you interpret this is your idea. 

I chose a photo of chickens at my friend's farm.

Something fruity - an apple

And my mineral is just plain old stones


  1. Hi Pat !! Many thanks for hosting this week's challenge. A good one it is, too!! Love the photo of the chickens. The one in the middle, at the bottom, seems to be 'photo-bombing' LOL. Fabulous photo of the apple, I nearly tried biting into it!! Nice shot of the stones to finish.

  2. great ,Pat great theme and wonderful banner to

  3. Hi Pat! Thanks for hosting and a great theme! I love your friend's chickens; there is one at the bottom of the shot that looks like she is looking right into the camera. The picture of the apple is my favorite. You have captured the sweet juiciness as well as the beauty of the fruit. The stones look interesting, like they are speckled, or has it just started to rain. At any rate three great shots for your theme.

  4. Cool theme, Pat. Love the chickens...something I miss from childhood!

    The apple looks so nice and juicy I want to take a bite out of it! Nice shot!

    Pretty stones speckled with there a water source near by or was it raining?

  5. Wonderful shot of the chickens.
    Delightfully delectable apple.
    Cool stone shot

  6. Thanks, Pat, for the good choice of theme. Love your three photos. Living in a city, I seldom can see chicken. Looking at the apple, at least one quarter of it would be now welcome. Nice shapes of the stones...

  7. Cool photos Pat and the theme is great. I am going to get mine sorted right now or I will miss out. lol