Saturday, 1 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Hi Everyone! This is Danette, your hostess this week. I have chosen "Trees And Anything They Produce" (i.e. photos of fruit, nuts, flowers, leaves etc. are acceptable as well). I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with! Enjoy and Congratulations to Anders on the Banner Photo!

This is a beautiful  Camellia Tree in a local cemetery.

The tree below is a Sweet Gum behind my house. 
The little prickly "gum balls" make a nice contrast against the light colored bark.

These trees were in a botanical garden. I thought it odd the way they were "laying down".

This is my bonus tree (it was struck by lightening according to the Park Ranger).
You can see where the bark was destroyed from the top to the bottom.


  1. Hi Danette!! Many thanks for hosting this week, and for choosing such a good theme!!! I'm sure everyone will have something they can post. Beautiful camelia tree in the first shot, I really like how the flowers are catching the sunlight. I also like the tree covered in Spanish Moss to the right of it. Love the shot of the Sweet Gum tree, great contrast between the silvery bark and the red fruits. Really strange, how the trees in the third shot are growing. Do they grow like that naturally? I wouldn't have guessed the final tree had been hit by lightning, doesn't look scorched enough. Looks more like animal damage.

  2. Thanks Mitch. The trees in the third shot do not normally grow that way, something must have happened (maybe a hurricane)?
    What kind of animal do you think could do that kind of damage (just curious)? I took this picture the week after it happened, not sure it is still living...will have to go back to check.

  3. Good Morning, Danette, I was hoping I could quickly pop in with my light shots, but you were too fast for me,.

    I have decided, Mitch, what I have to do is do a draft blog, that way I will always be in time and can post as I go along and have the time, is that okay with you? Sometimes I have more time on weekends, but that way I can be assured of having my space in without interfering with new theme. As during the week, I choose my photos, get them ready in PicMonkey if needed and then Flickr, but don't always get finished and miss out, as now and as with Alphabet Soup, where I also missed out by a few minutes or hours. LOL

    Awesome , well deserved banner, Anders. The light caught in the lamp is mysterious. I love this shot.

    I like your theme, Danette, we all love trees and everyone will have something for it.

    Beautiful captures, I am always amazed by the way, you all, seem to go into cemeteries to shoot pictures. I have done it once, for a challenge and I felt as if I was intruding, somehow. Lovely Camelia shot. I have never seen or heard of a sweet gum. Are the balls sticky and make a mess when they fall down? Those trees lying down, I have seen similar trees like that, what happens often apparently is they seed themselves and by wind or accident bent over as young saplings and then just carry on growing. I think I have a few pictures too. I know there is a few in our local Botanical Garden, strangely enough and there is one just up the road from us, I noticed the other day. I don't know what they are called.

    I have another tree, that was struck by lightning, and hollowed out, another tree had seeded inside it, and is now holding the old tree up. Must find the picture to show you.

    Trees are interesting things, we cannot do without them. We grow tiny saplings of our indigenous thorn trees, which we give as presents and recently I got a donation of 170 trees to replant at Heia Safari for my giraffe. If I go for a walk and see indigenous pods, I take them with me and scatter some along the way, in open spaces, to help nature along a bit.

  4. hi a very nice theme and thanks
    your shots are all wonderful

  5. Lovely photos and for me something new. Have never seen a camelia tree, they only grow as pot plants here - good capture. Have never seen a gum tree - looks very interesting.Interesting view with the branches laying down and the lightening struck tree.

  6. Exquiste purplish red flowers in the Camellia tree.

    Very cool compo with the orange balls against the white branches.

    An old withered ent.

    Poor tree.

  7. Hi Danette. What a great theme. Your trees are very lovely. The one in the cemetery is wonderful with the red flowers. I am struck by the "lying down" trees (it would be great to sit on one of those branches) and the line made by the lightning hit. I wonder as well if the tree survived.

  8. Four beautiful shots for your good choice of theme, Danette!

  9. Hi Danette beautiful shots for a great theme I really like them all ;)

  10. Hi Danette, what a great theme. Thanks for hosting it. I've never seen these types of trees in the Northeast. I love the camelia tree in the cemetary. The sweet gum tree is fascinating. The trees in the botanical garden look menacing. Nice capture of what lightning can do to a tree.

  11. A lovely theme and great shooting Danette. Sorry I haven't been up to participating lately but slowly getting better.