Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Picture This #239 ~ Four Seasons

I'm sorry that I contributed my images later this week. Congratulations to Randall for his great shot of the bird getting the worm. Good choice for this week's banner. It's another week of cold weather here.
So glad that Anders selected Spring as this theme's start up. We need to think of Spring.

Here are my images for this week:

A pair of daffodils

Garden tomatoes

Shop entrance in Litchfield

Winter scene, Wallingford CT


  1. Hi Robert!! There were some issues with the text spacing on your post, so I re-input it all again. It seems fine now. Four very good photos for Anders' theme. Great shot of the Spring daffodils, something I'm hoping to be seeing here soon. The ripening tomatoes are always a good indicator of summer's progress. Halloween pumpkins are such a feature of Fall over in the US. I really like the snow in the final shot, it looks pristine, although that's probably an illusion of distance.

    1. Hi Mitch, thank you for correcting the text spacing on my post. I'm hoping the daffodils will come but we have the month of March to go through. I chose tomatoes instead of flowers for the summer shot. The snow looks pristine in this photo because it was taken a day after the snowfall.

  2. Quite ok Robert, you have until tomorrow, so you're not late.

    Lovely daffodils and tomatoes

    Delightful porch decoration

    Beautiful winter scene

  3. Hi Robert! What a nice set of photos! Each season has its beauty and its colours. All are beautiful... your photos enhance my words. I love the yellow of the daffodils, the green of the immature tomatoes, the orange of the pumpkins and the white of the snow....

  4. Thank you, Belita. I didn't think of the colors you mentioned when I selected these photos. I chose tomatoes instead of flowers for the summer image. The photo of the steps with the pumpkins and gourds appealed to me when I walked past it.

  5. A lovely representation of the seasons ;)

  6. I love those photos,, especially the one with the pumpkins etc. Such a great variety.

  7. ahhh wonderful especially the rose