Saturday, 15 February 2014

Picture This #238 ~ BIG!!

Thanks for hosting Mitch. Will have to see what little Switzerland has for big.

We have big mountains. This one is from the Jura mountains that I caught just before we turned left for the supermarket. We have had no snow, but up there it snowed.
Jura in snow

This tree grew so tall that the mistletoe moved in as it had enough room
Mistletoe in a tree

Here is a giant that appeared at one of our local market festivals in Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat. Wonderful tree decked with mistletoe and big ape. My favorite though is the magnificent picture of the Jura in snow. It is just stunning with the big tree in the foreground and the snow covered slopes where some trees can be seen and some lost in the snowy mist. Great.

  2. Three nice contributions for this week's theme... the middle one is my favourite... I look at the tree and I see something like a condo of birds' nests...

  3. Magnificent winterlandscape

    A bet a lot of people have their first kiss under this tree.

    King Kong

  4. all three are wonderful Pat I love the Giant especially

  5. Hi Pat!! Three wonderful entries for this week's theme. The first shot, of the snow-covered Jura is my favourite, it's really beautiful. I really like the mistletoe-covered tree, too. Had to smile at the third shot....a gorilla is not what I'd usually associate with hot-dogs!! LOL.

  6. The first shows size well with the valley and the frost and snow on the trees. The tree would keep a few under it for some time. The balloon gorilla is a big ending for the set. Nice.

  7. Good shots for the theme. When I read that you haven't had snow I believe it all came to the States this winter. Nice shot of the gorilla above the hot dog stand.