Saturday, 1 February 2014

Picture This #236 ~ Trees And Anything They Produce

Many thanks to Danette for hosting the challenge this week. Her choice of theme is a really good one, everyone should have something for it. Not just trees, but anything tree-related!! Let's have fun. 

Here are mine:

1) The UK doesn't get the amazing Fall displays of colour that parts of the US do, but if you know where to look, you can still find some 'autumn gold'.
Golden Leaves 1

2) Even dead trees can be interesting. This one seemed to be saluting the distant snow-capped mountains. This was taken at the Sunset Volcano Crater, Arizona.
Wave Goodbye

3) I find trees amazing, in that they can grow just about anywhere. This one had found itself a little 'mountain' of it's own. Taken at Zion National Park, Utah. 
Trees & Rocks 3

4) Bonus shot. I often use trees as 'framing' devices when taking sunset shots, usually to one side or around the edges of the shot. This was an exception, where I shot through the tree. It's also one of my earliest sunset shots after taking up digital photography.
Sunset Tree


  1. Good shot of the autumn leaves. Interesting form of the dead tree. Love your lonely tree on the top of the cliffs. Very nice sunset shot.

  2. All four are splendid :) The lighting on the autumn gold photo is just perfect! I had a picture of a dead tree that didn't make the cut...I love yours, it does seem to be saluting or reaching out for the mountain. The tree and bushes growing out of the rock are awesome, if they were human I would say they must be strong willed and determined, but in the world of Nature everything seems so effortless...
    The bonus shot is very peaceful to me :)

  3. Lovely shot of the fall leaves.

    Very interesting indeed - they can appear in any shape.

    A piece of natural art.

    Beautiful brilliant golden sunlight in the middle of that thicket of branches.

  4. Mitch, I just love your pictures. In the first, the leaves look like stained glass in the light. Brilliant color. I love the lone branch against the mountain. My favorite is the mountain cedar (?) growing out of bare rock. The ability of these trees to find nourishment is astonishing. And you have finished with a wonderful sunset. Makes the tree branches look like fine iron lacework.

  5. Your four shots leave no doubt... Nature is the best artist and you co-operate nicely with your talent...

  6. Fantastic captures Mitch the third is my Favorite

  7. These are splendid shots of trees. I love the shot of the tree in Sunset Volcanic Crater because we were there. We were on a tour group and didn't stop there to take photos. The UK may not have the richness of autumn colors that we have in the States but your capture of those leaves is splendid. I like the tree growing out of the rock too. Nice shot of the ironwork in the last shot.